Complaints, Appeals and Review Panel(CARP)


  1. Opinion in the Case: Damen Shipyards Gorinchem vs. National Port Authority
    28th April 2014 | Size: 636 KB | File Type: pdf
  2. Opinion in the case: Unit Export Limited (UEL) vs. Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC)
    2nd September 2013 | Size: 346 KB | File Type: pdf
  3. Opinion in the case: Monrovia Merchandise Mart (MMM) vs. Liberia National Police (LNP)
    29th January 2013 | Size: 298 KB | File Type: pdf
  4. Opinion in the case: Boimah Engineering, Inc. (BEI) vs. Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)
    29th January 2013 | Size: 260 KB | File Type: pdf
  5. Opinion in the Case: COTECNA VS. Ministry Of Finance
    9th May 2012 | Size: 174 KB | File Type: pdf
  6. Opinion in the Case: Atlantic Resources, Ltd. vs. Forestry Development Authority (FDA)
    8th May 2012 | Size: 116 KB | File Type: pdf
  7. Opinion in the Case: Global Wood Industries, Inc. Vs. The Forestry Development Authority (FDA)
    8th May 2012 | Size: 135 KB | File Type: pdf
  8. Opinion in the Case BSP Liberia, Inc. vs. Ministry Of Agriculture
    8th May 2012 | Size: 153 KB | File Type: pdf
  9. Opinion in the case Delta Mining Consolidated (DMC) vs. Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy
    8th May 2012 | Size: 94 KB | File Type: pdf
  10. Opinion in the Case of Fomento Vs. Ministry Lands, Mines And Energy
    8th May 2012 | Size: 123 KB | File Type: pdf
  11. Opinion in the Case Identicard System, Equipment and Accessories Intíl Music, Inc. Vs. Liberia Water And Sewer Corp. (LWSC)
    8th May 2012 | Size: 142 KB | File Type: pdf
  12. Opinion in the Case: Southeast Resources Limited Vs. Forestry Development Authority (FDA)
    8th May 2012 | Size: 141 KB | File Type: pdf
  13. Opinion in the Case: Tilia Games International (Liberia) Limited Vs. Liberia National Lottories Inc.
    8th May 2012 | Size: 133 KB | File Type: pdf