Amb. Timothy E. Thomas, Commissioner

Amb. Timothy E. Thomas<br />Commissioner
Amb. Timothy E. Thomas
Photo Credit: PPCC

Ambassador Timothy Eric Thomas, popularly known as “TET,” has over 30 years experience working with Government, Private Sector, and Academic Institutions. He came to public prominence several years ago when he was rated one of Liberia’s enterprising gospel musical stars.


Besides being an icon for Liberia’s gospel music, Ambassador Thomas was Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration and Associate Professor of Management at the University of Liberia. He also served the Liberian Government as Ambassador-At-Large and Director General of the General Services Agency. Ambassador Thomas was appointed to the position of Commissioner in 2006 for a four year period and reappointed in 2011 for additional two year term. He has oversight for Monitoring and Compliance.